BelledeNuit (31)
Age: 31
Height: 165
Weight: 55
Hair Colour: Fair Hair
Eye Colour: Hazel
Measurements: 90-60-90
Group: European
Rate: 4.50
Spoken language(s):
This message is written to the soul that is reading it. Thatâ??s because I belive in empathy wich is the capacity to see, listen and feel with the eyes, ears and heart of the other person with whom you are talking with. I love people and I find them fascinating. I believe every person has a story to say and I am here to listen yours. As a matter of fact thatâ??s what it lead me here, my curiosity. This and my imagination â?? the muscle of my soul.
I also believe the most precious thing we all have is time. So, my best purpose is to spend it with the special people will join me in my room. The trouble is that we think we still have a lot of it but the truth is we are losing every second spent apart. Thatâ??s why I choose mine to be a quality one and spend it with you.
I believe in Karma so Iâ??ve learned how important is to love yourself firstly. In a world in which we are â??â??forcedâ??â?? to do what we think not what we feel, I believe that I have some kind of super-power (! Lol ), because I found the key to do what I feel not what I think. 😉 You need power only when you are trying to make a bad thing. For the good ones you only need love.
What you should know about me: I love pearls and lace. My beloved perfume is Fleur de Rocaille by Caron. I love Italian food, mostly all sort of scallops. I love funny people and I love to have fun. I also love interesting dialogues. I love old music and I love to tease.
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