Marisoll (23)
Age: 23
Height: 160
Weight: 55
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Black
Measurements: 98-68-91
Group: European
Rate: 3.00
Spoken language(s):
To me it is enough that a man because of a special property attracts me – his enthusiasm or his sense of humor. I want to be entertained and entertain. Boredom I can not stand. Sex is important for me – but the guy can not randomly show up – I need trust and affection. Then I’m open to anything as long as both sides enjoy it.
In free time I like to read a good book, relaxe me with good music in the bath or go to the SPA. But there are also moments when I prefer kilometer walk or like running through the woods.
What I do not like superficial people and selfish types.
My man can only win me in one way – I do not just mean a lot to my companions, I must be the one and only for him.
My motto: Any routine bores me.
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